My standard fee for a wedding is $600.

For intimate ceremonies or smaller gatherings the price can be negotiated.

A deposit of $100 is payable after the inital meeting and once you have confirmed that I will be your celebrant. This deposit is part of the $600 total amount. The remaining amount is payable at least 2 weeks before the ceremony (or earlier). This is the remaining amount.

The total fee includes:

The initial interview
Additional interviews to discuss details and finalise the ceremony
The wedding rehearsal
The marriage ceremony
All email communication and phone calls
All legal paperwork
Drafts of the ceremony
Use of PA system (if required)
Use of small table to sign documents (if required)
Travel costs up to 60km travelling distance between the celebrant’s home and place of marriage.


The deposit is not refundable. The remaining amount is refundable if for some reason I am not able to solemnise the marriage on the arranged day or if written notice of cancellation of the marriage is received by me no less than 14 days before the arranged marriage date.